How YOU can help


Give what you can to child abuse prevention efforts at both the local and State levels.


Connect to area faith-based organizations, family/child-service organizations, and County Child Abuse Prevention Councils to donate money or supplies.  You can also participate in the Check Off Child Abuse Campaign:  when you file your State Income Taxes, donate a portion of your refund or make an addition to your amount owed to Child Abuse Prevention.  Ask your tax preparer or find that opportunity on the Iowa Tax Form 1040.

Schools and other youth-serving organizations

Donate printing or inclusion of prevention programs on websites, handouts and newsletters to help with marketing expenses, offer space for a parent training or family-focused event and offer child abuse prevention training opportunities to their staff and volunteers.

Faith-based organizations and civic groups

Do fund-raising to support local prevention programs, including family support programming funds within their budgets, and offer financial support for their membership to participate in prevention activities.


Sponsor family and child-focused events and programs, donate space for advertising or provide paid volunteer time for their employees to help with special prevention activities.