What is CPPC?


Decategorization of child welfare and juvenile justice funding is an initiative intended to establish systems of delivering human services based upon client needs to replace systems based upon a multitude of categorical funding programs and funding sources, each with different service definitions and eligibility requirements. It is designed to redirect child welfare and juvenile justice funding to services that are more preventive, family-centered, and community-based in order to reduce the use of restrictive approaches that rely on institutional, out-of-home, and out-of-community care.

Voting Members:

Marc Lindeen – County Supervisor – Henry County Board of Supervisors
Lori Frick – Eastern Service Area Manager – Iowa Department of Human Services
Mike Rempe – Chief Juvenile Court Officer – Eighth Judicial District
Paula Buckman – County Supervisor – Louisa County Board of Supervisors
Bob Beck – County Supervisor – Des Moines County Board of Supervisors
Matt Pflug – County Supervisor – Lee County Board of Supervisors
Russ Hayes – Social Work Supervisor – Iowa Department of Human Services
Non-voting Member:  Molli Nickerson, Decat Coordinator

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